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Purple Purse Campaign Raises Money to Save Lives


Lynchburg, VA - More than 5,000 people in Lynchburg and the surrounding areas have come forward this year, saying they are victims or survivors of domestic abuse.

It's a number grows year after year.

The YWCA of Central Virginia is fighting the cause and has now partnered with Allstate to do even more.

It's been decades since Linda Hernandez got out of her situation.

"You do not ever get over it," said Hernandez.

The wounds are still fresh.

"He came in, threw me across the bed, put a knife to my throat and said if I ever tried to leave him, he would kill me," Hernandez said.

Hernandez believed he would, so she endured the abuse for 10 more years.

"He literally broke almost every bone in my body. My twins didn't survive," Hernandez said.

The YWCA is hosting several events to encourage folks to come forward and share their stories of abuse.

"Get that support, get that help. If you don't have that support system at home there are people dedicated to helping folks just like you. You will be believed, you will be supported, you don't have to worry about it," said John Wilkinson, Attorney Advisor, Aequitas.

Part of the push, is called the Purple Purse campaign, presented by Allstate.

The YWCA of Central Virginia is one of 31 YWCA's in the nation selected to take part.

"We're competing against some very large YWCA's and so to be able to make such a slash in this campaign for Central Virginia is huge," said Jenna Lodge with the YWCA of Central Virginia.

Every time the purse is figuratively passed, and a code is entered on the Purple Purse website, The Allstate Foundation gives $5 to the cause, up to $10,000.

Right now, the YWCA of Central Virginia is in 12th place, but they did raise the $10,000.

The YMCA wants to get a higher placement, and they need your votes to do that.

To vote on and pass the purple purse website, head to purplepurse.com and enter code "01267".

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