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Pa. Senate votes to end 'triple-dipping'

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The Pennsylvania Senate has unanimously approved legislation to end so-called "triple dipping" by retired state workers.

House Bill 421 would prevent retirees from receiving unemployment compensation for leaving a temporary job in order to remain eligible for pension, retirement or annuity benefits.

Retired state employees who are hired back as annuitants can work a maximum of 95 days for the state each year. They are legally allowed to collect unemployment after leaving the temporary job; on top of their retirement and the pay received for the temporary work.

Sen. John R. Gordner (R-27), chairman of the Senate Labor and Industry Committee, said that in the past three years, more than 600 state retirees have returned to work on a temporary basis, and have then collected $2 million in jobless benefits while receiving a state pension.

The legislation was returned to the House for concurrence Monday. It is expected to go to Governor Tom Corbett for his signature by the end of the week.


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