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Why is Obamacare website experiencing delays?

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It could take several weeks to fix major glitches in healthcare.gov, according to a local web expert.

Harrisburg University multimedia professor Charles Palmer says the "hard" launch of the Affordable Care Act site earlier this month simply couldn't accommodate the sheer number of Americans looking to log on.

"I think a site like this they expected one level of user, and they tested for that -- but then they got inundated by 10-15 times more than they were expecting," he said.

Palmer said this has also exposed how complicated the site is. Users have complained of long delays during enrollment, and even being kicked off the system.

"It's not like you're just hitting one website," he said. "You're hitting a number of websites that are verifying some bit of information that you want is being delivered."

Palmer said a "soft" rollout would have been a much better option by the federal government.

"Imagine if Facebook turned on today and everyone hit it," he said. "You'd see the same problems."

If you are having issues with the site, Palmer suggests logging on during "off" hours to minimize traffic.

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