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New trend for homeowners is to downsize

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Most of us are probably guilty of this: We have more stuff in our homes than we need.

There's a new trend going on especially with baby boomers and the elderly to downsize.

It's something 78-year-old Beverly Carmany of Camp Hill is doing. After more than 20 years of collecting 185 Snowbabies, 120 Longaberger baskets, 400 Boyds Bears figurines, 100 dolls and more than 200 pieces of copperware and glassware, Carmany decided it was time to downsize.

She was asked how much her stuff was worth.

"I have no idea," she said. "I don't even wanna think of it."

Carmany called RSR Auctions in Lemoyne to help. They will go over your home from top to bottom.

"Basically, what we do is we come in and photograph all items in the house they want to sell. We lot everything," said Rob Reed of RSR Auctions.

Reed can do auctions at your home, online, in his West Shore Auction Gallery or a combination of the gallery and online.

The first step in downsizing, Reed says, is don't throw away anything.

"What you might think is junk could actually have some value to it," he said.

Old letters and postcards could be worth a few hundred bucks. Unique is what sells.

Carmany said it was important for her to downsize now so she doesn't burden family later.

"I'm making the first step to downsizing. It's the first step that's the hardest," she said.

How much money you make at auction depends on how much stuff you have and what sells.

For more information about downsizing or to contact RSR Auctions, go to www.rsrauctions.com.

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