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Pa. senators unveil pet protection bills

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Two Pennsylvania lawmakers have unveiled a package of bills to protect pets against animal cruelty.

Sens. Rich Alloway (R-Adams/Franklin/York) and Andy Dinniman (D-Chester/Montgomery) introduced the five-bill legislative package during a "Bring Your Dog to Harrisburg" rally Tuesday on the Capitol steps.

Under one proposal, Senate Bill 522, a person could be charged with animal cruelty for tethering a dog outside and unattended if the dog does not have access to shade, shelter, food and water.

The tether would have to be at least 12 feet long, free of obstacles, and attached to the dog by a well-fitted collar or body harness that would not cause injury to the animal. Choke and prong collars would not be permitted.

A dog could not be tethered outside when the temperature is below 32 degrees or above 90 degrees, or when a weather advisory or warning has been issued.

Another proposal, Senate Bill 862, would allow therapy dogs that are properly harnessed on public transportation such as buses and trains, including dogs certified and trained to work with people who have special needs, autism, drug addiction and clinical depression.

Senate Bill 863 would specifically address when animals are injured or killed in a domestic violence situation.

Under the measure, a person could face up to two years in prison and up to a $2,000 fine if they willfully kill or injure a dog or cat belonging to someone who has a protection from abuse order against them.

Senate Bill 1107 would prevent kennel owners who lose their license because of dog law violations to continue operating by having another license issued to an immediate family member or another person living at the same address.

The fifth proposal, Senate Bill 718, would allow all fines and penalties collected for dog law violations to help toward sustaining the operations of Pennsylvania's Office of Dog Law Enforcement.


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