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State of the James River Report Released


Lynchburg, VA - The State of the James River report was released Tuesday.

The report that the James River Association (JRA) updates every two years details the health of the river.

Tuesday the report gave the river an overall score of 53%, or a "C".

Progress has been made where Virginia has made commitments, but issues such as sediment pollution and pollution reductions continue to lag.

Virginia has invested over $1.5 billion to help with waste water and have reached 112% of their goals in the category.

Over the past 37 years the JRA has been working to improve the river.

The James has gone from most polluted in nation to most improved.

"Things have improved tremendously in that time. If I would have submerged my head in the James 40 years ago I probably would have been told to go to the doctor. These days, that's just not the case, because our river is clean," said Pat Calvert, Upper James River keeper.

For details on how you can get involved and help out, click here.

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