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Leaders seek safety measures for 'dangerous' Cameron St

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Cameron Street in Harrisburg has been notorious for its heavy traffic and motorists traveling high rates of speed. Another fatal accident on this busy road has city leaders seeking solutions for a safer roadway.

Flashing lights and solemn faces along Cameron Street has been an all-too-familiar scene in south Harrisburg. A day after two people were hit by a vehicle while attempting to cross the roadway, police said on Tuesday one woman was fatally struck.

Police identified the woman as 40-year-old Nicole Terry. Authorities said the person she was walking with remained in the hospital. Terry's death marks the third pedestrian killed within two years along Cameron.

In March of this year, police said an older man was killed while trying to cross Cameron near the Farm Show Complex. In March 2012, a bus employee was hit and killed while attempting to cross Cameron near Sycamore. abc27 records showed a report was done at that time about the dangers of Cameron Street.

Mike Nagurney, manager of Bik's Auto Shop, heard the loud "bang" inside his office Monday afternoon. He said he quickly ran outside and saw Terry on the ground near the intersection of Cameron and Berryhill.

"It was...it was sad," he said. "Very sad."

Nagurney said he has seen his fair share of accidents while working at the auto shop.

"We've witnessed probably at least three, if not four accidents here," said Nagurney. "This is the first pedestrian accident that we've had. But [Cameron Street is] pretty bad.

The latest tragedy has not fallen on deaf ears. Harrisburg City Councilwoman and Public Safety Chair Eugenia Smith said she recognizes the dangers along Cameron.

"That's a really bad spot," said Smith. "[City Council must] do something to prevent any further incidents."

Smith pointed out there are no pedestrian crosswalks between Herr and Market, and Market and Paxton. Mainly, the only pedestrian crosswalks are located at intersections with a traffic light. She noted there are several small business on either side of the road that attract people walking across Cameron between intersections.

Smith explained for any action to occur, a traffic study must be done. She said because the city does not have a traffic engineer on staff, Harrisburg must contract the job to a private company. Smith did say City Council was recently granted permission and funds by the receiver's office to conduct such a study.

Smith said the study will determine the location with the highest volume of vehicle traffic and pedestrian traffic in order to figure out where best to install a pedestrian crosswalk or traffic light.

"I know [Cameron and Berryhill] is a very dangerous intersection. It could be as simple as adding another red light there," said Smith.

However, easy takes time. Realistically, Smith said it could be months or years until the process of installing such safety measures could take place. Until then, she offers motorists and pedestrians alike this warning.

"[Cameron Street] is at times a very busy area," she said. "So, I just would ask people to use caution coming through that area."

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