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Massive warehouse could span 4 townships

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In Fairview Township, one could only travel so many feet before running into a "No Trucking Terminal" sign.

The Australian powerhouse Goodman Bircher was met with heavy resistance and suddenly withdrew its application.

As it turned out, the massive warehouse they had proposed was too tall; not for the township, but for the airport authority.

So why, one month later and 25 miles away, would we bump into one of those "No Trucking Terminal" signs?

"This farm was bought by the Lines in 1778," explained Michelle Line.

They put up the sign.

Twenty-five hundred feet of the Line family farm borders an expansive campus proposed by, you guessed it, Goodman Bircher.

The land the company desires is on 175 acres shared between Carlisle, South Middleton and West Pennsboro, with the largest portion sitting in Dickinson Township.

"What we have is an application for rezoning the map and for a text amendment to our zoning ordnance," said Dickinson Township Supervisor Laura Portillo.

A proposal has not yet been submitted because it is currently zoned as "Business/Recreational."

The Board of Supervisors must vote to change the land use to "Business/Industrial" for the company to stand a chance.

"It's a responsible way of deciding future land use in the township," said Portillo of the need for zoning.

Land use is something the Lines say they know well.

"If you [...] looked down on Cumberland County, all you see is huge strip of warehouses and buildings. And I just wonder, when will it stop?" said Michelle.

Unlike Fairview Township, Dickinson Township would earn little to no tax revenue if the company were to move in. Emergency services and schools would receive some.

Goodman Bircher said the venture could bring hundreds of jobs to the area.


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