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Harrisburg Council rushing to approve parts of recovery plan

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The Harrisburg Strong recovery plan approved by Commonwealth Court last month is supposed to help the city become financially stable.

But, as the saying goes, the devil seems to be in the details and how they are carried out. The city may once again be facing a challenge to make payroll in the months ahead.

Attorney Neil Grover, who is representing City Council, told members that if certain updated agreements involving parking and sewer asset transfers aren't approved, the city will once again be in a cash crunch.

"As I understand it, we are still at a real threat of being unable to meet payrolls either in December or in January if the money doesn't come in," Grover said.

The asset transfers are part of the recovery plan presented by state-appointed Receiver William Lynch. But council members say the receiver's office has been providing them documents with very little time to review them before they are supposed to take action.

"If they want us to rush through things then they need to keep us up to date," councilwoman Sandra Reid said. "They didn't draft these up today, I'm quite certain."

"I understand the seriousness and nature of the beast where you're talking about employees who are not going to get paychecks, but certainly if we don't do our due diligence and make sure that everything in the contracts are accurate and legal," council president Wanda Williams said.

Last week, a partner in the deal to lease the city's parking garages and meters backed out. That is a huge part of the recovery plan. So what's going to happen with the latest issue?

"If they are not ready, we will not be recommending you vote on things that are not ready," Grover told the council.

"They asked for a special legislative session on Wednesday," Williams said. "We're certainly not going to agree to that if we don't have a good understanding of what's in these legal documents."


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