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LPD Going Along With New License Plate Scanning Purging


Lynchburg, VA- Some consider it a win in the battle for privacy, but some law enforcement officials say it's a loss in the fight against crime.

Every 24 hours, the Lynchburg Police Department purges all information gleaned from license plate scanning unless it has to do with an active investigation. The change was made after Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli said storing that kind of information is not in line with the Government Collection and Dissemination Practices Act.

But Major Todd Swisher says only having that information for 24 hours could hurt investigations.

"Often times we'll develop a suspect or a plate, license plate, associated with that suspect outside of that 24 hour period," he said.

Swisher says being able to retain information taken from license plate scans for 6 to 12 months could be of great use to their investigations. However, he says the department respects Cuccinelli's opinion.

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