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Aaron Johnson waging write-in campaign for Harrisburg mayor

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It seems as if there are almost weekly changes in the field of candidates running for Mayor of Harrisburg. Now, a new name has surfaced just weeks before the election: Democrat Aaron Johnson.

Johnson is a name known throughout the city. You won't find it on the ballot next month, but he and his supporters are hoping enough Harrisburg voters will write in that name.

He's waging a write-in campaign for mayor. It's an effort he started just two months ago.

"Born and raised here," he said. "I love the entire city. Not parts of the city, but the entire city."

So why didn't he run in the primary?

"Actually, I thought the mayor was going to win. Would never have run against her; personal friend and also she's the commander-in-chief. She's my boss," Johnson said.

The former military man worked his way up from laborer at the incinerator to his current post as deputy director of the city's Public Works Department. Johnson has also spent 20 years running the MOSELF Inc. Harrisburg RBI youth baseball program.

He addressed concerns that he doesn't have the experience to be mayor.

"(Do they have more) experience? No, none of us are the mayor," Johnson said. "Unless you was the mayor in another city, then you can't make this claim. You can't make that claim ... none of us can. It's on-the-job training."

Johnson says he's worked with all departments in city government. And he also addressed a claim that he is only looking for the African-American vote.

"Our family is a melting pot. Every nationality pretty much is in our family. So that's an insult to actually think that I'm just going after black votes. That's so far-fetched it doesn't even make any sense," Johnson said.

Johnson already has picked up the support of two Harrisburg council members: Kelly Summerford and council president Wanda Williams.

But what about the odds of winning a write-in campaign?

"I'm from here and I need to make sure the city of Harrisburg is going to be okay," he said, "and I don't get that from the other two people that's on the ballot."


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