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Pa. lawmakers increase security after threats

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Politicians know they make for easy targets.

"Politics is a contact sport, so when you are in this business that kind of stuff happens," State Rep. Seth Grove (R-York) said.

But Grove says recent threats made against him and several colleagues went too far.

"When colleagues get threats against their family members, threats against themselves, that's where it draws the line and it needs to end," he said.

The threats were made over a property tax bill. A wild west-style "wanted" poster targets five public officials including Grove. The poster, created by the Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition, pushes for House bill 76, a property tax legislation bill.

Grove opposes the bill in favor of his own.

"With this organization it's only their way or the highway, and I guess the frustration level has built up to where these threats were made, these comments were made, and it does not do anybody any good," he said.

Security has been increased for all five public officials. Grove says he even added security at town hall meetings, but he hopes it won't be necessary for long.

"Organizations like the Cyber Tax Property Coalition need to learn a valuable lesson that making threats and wanted posters is not a fruitful good way for public discussion about public policy issues," he said.

Some threats made were anonymous, but an investigation is ongoing.

Phone calls to the Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition were not returned.


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