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Top Halloween Costumes Sold at Spirit Halloween


Lynchburg, Va-  Halloween is just a week away, and here are some of the most popular choices this year.

According to Spirit Halloween in Lynchburg,  the most popular costumes among children this year are: Super heroes, Ninja Turtles, and Sophia the Great.

For adults,  it's a tie between Duck Dynasty and anything "undead."

 "It's between Duck Dynasty and all of our zombie costumes. Anything undead has been a really good seller- with the facial paint and the scars- everyone wants to be scary this year," said Valda Vaughan from Spirit Halloween.

Also, keep in mind if your child's costume has a mask, be sure it fits snuggly to the face and the body of the costume needs to be loose so warm clothing can go underneath.

It's also important to make sure children can see clearly in case they are crossing the street.

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