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Technology helps Midstate woman track down stolen phone

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Right up there with homes and cars, cell phones are a big investment. They can cost hundreds of dollars.

That's why Stacy Kriedeman of Cumberland County was determined to get her iPhone back when it was stolen. A thief swiped her purse when she left it on a chair while she was trying on shoes.

"Right is right, and wrong is wrong, and she stole my phone. I have personal information and pictures and videos stored on my phone," Kriedeman said.

Kriedeman was determined to get her phone back. Police played the store's surveillance video; the Verizon store also advised Stacy to use the iCloud to track her phone.

"So I went home and found the find my iCloud app. I clicked on it, and it located my phone at a mall 25 minutes away from the place it had been stolen," Kriedeman said.

She then called mall security, who said there was a kiosk that gives cash for old phones. Since Kriedeman had already set off the phone alarm with a message that it had been stolen, mall security could hear the alarm going off inside the Eco-ATM. It had Kriedeman's iPhone and the suspect's information including fingerprints. You are required to provide a driver's license when recycling old devices to protect victims of theft.

The suspect got $106 for the smart phone. Kriedeman eventually got her phone back. She learned never to leave her purse again and she learned the value of technology.

"I was lucky to get my phone back," she said. "People were helpful along the way and there's technology available to do this."

Police have the suspect's information, and Kriedeman plans to file charges. She said it wasn't about the money or buying another phone; it was the principal. She also didn't want to lose her priceless pictures.

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