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Fire Officials: Stove Sparked Amherst County Blaze

Courtesy: Gary Roakes Courtesy: Gary Roakes

Amherst Co., VA - A matter of five to ten minutes. That's how long the public safety director says it took for flames to swallow a home on Crabapple Lane Sunday morning.

Crews from Monelison and Amherst County responded around 6:30 a.m. By the time they arrived, Gary Roakes says the mobile home was already fully-involved.

Roakes says the homeowner was not inside at the time. Officials believe he left something cooking on the stove, went next door, and called 911 after seeing flames shooting from the mobile home's roof.

The man was too distraught to talk to ABC 13 on Monday. His family says he had just been released from the hospital a few weeks ago, and was planning on moving to his mother's house. They say he was storing his belongings inside the mobile home in the meantime.

"He was very lucky. This fire very well could have started in the middle of the night," said Gary Roakes.

Amherst County has had between 15 and 20 house fires so far this year, according to Roakes. He says that's pretty much on track for a typical season.

With the busy holiday season gearing up, fire officials ask you take the typical precautions, don't leave things unattended on the stove and keep belongings away from heating sources.

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