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Papenfuse, Miller give final campaign push

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Polls are ready to open Tuesday for Election Day, but candidates running to become Harrisburg's next mayor spent Monday giving a final campaign push.

Verbally slugging his opponent, Republican nominee Dan Miller warned voters of an Eric Papenfuse pick during a final press conference inside his accounting office on Second Street.

"It's déjà vu all over again that will take us back to the way things were done in Harrisburg," Miller said. "A return to a good ol' boy networking of influence and cronyism is the last thing we need."

Miller passed out papers that pointed out Papenfuse's latest campaign finance report. He questioned Papenfuse's campaign funders and their reasons for donating money. Miller claimed the biggest donor, Harrisburg developer Alex Hartzler, had the most to gain financially through a promise of tax abatement programs.

"This election is not about Dan Miller and Eric Papenfuse; this election is about Alex Hartzler," said Miller. "Can he buy the city government? Is that going to be the future of Harrisburg politics?"

Papenfuse was quick to defend those political jabs by saying he is not in debt with campaign funders and opting to "stay positive" about the race.

"We need to take the personal attacks out of politics," said Papenfuse. "We need to stay positive and focused on the greater good. And that's never accomplished by sort of negatively attacking individuals."

Miller maintained he is only informing voters before they head into the booth on Tuesday. He believed most voters wouldn't personally look at the campaign finance reports themselves and see where the money is coming from.

Miller said most of Papenfuse's campaign backers are long-tied to Harrisburg's financial meltdown in the first place.

"[Miller's comments are] last ditch desperate attacks that continues the negativity that Dan Miller has had in his campaign," said Papenfuse.

The race to become Harrisburg's next mayor has proved to be one for the books, and perhaps an interesting election law case study if not a Hollywood script. All will end around 8 p.m. Tuesday when polls close.

"That's why we have elections," said Miller.

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