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VMI Tries to Track Down Computers That May Contain Personal Information


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Lexington, VA - VMI officials are scrambling after auctioning off computers that still had information on their hard drives.

In all 50 computers originally had officials concerned; that number now stands at 16. The hope is the remaining computers are tracked down by Wednesday.

In all more than 350 computers were auctioned off last month.

These computers are just standard computers that you would find on a worker's desk or in a lab, for example.

A few weeks after the auction, a buyer came forward to let VMI officials know that he had purchased a computer with a hard drive that had not been cleared of personal information from the previous owner.

That put officials on the trail to find all the computers so they can contain any privacy concerns.

"Our original procedure was to erase the hard drives but that was so time consuming. What we've taken to doing in the past year or more is really to remove the hard drive and destroy it physically so there is no chance of data escaping," said Institute spokesman Col. Stewart MacInnis.

Institute officials say that while they track down these computers to determine what type of information was leaked they are also looking into how the these hard disks were missed in the first place.

Lexington, VA - A spokesman for VMI says the school is trying to track down more than a dozen computers that were sold at auctions last month because the computers may contain personal information.

VMI officials say they realized they didn't erase the hard drives, so they tried to track down the buyers of the computers.

Officials made contact with all but 16 buyers. Officials do say that all protected information is supposed to be stored on the school's servers, not hard drives.

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