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Area man tries to clear his name after identity is stolen

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David Parker received two debt collection notices for unpaid utility bills from a home address where he has never lived.

Parker called the utility companies, and he was told to deal directly with the collection agencies. He was told to fill out a fraud packet, but Parker says the process has been never ending since he received the notices five months ago.

Parker, who has a security background, says he has been going back and forth with the collection companies and has spent nearly $700 on expenses trying to clear one of the collections.

David says he thinks he knows who stole his identification information, but he can't prove it because the person is deceased.

Security experts say the bad guys can get your information a number of ways, including documentation that is put in the trash.

John Sancenito is a security expert with Information Network Associates in Harrisburg.  He says technology has put the bad guys one step ahead, and the more sophisticated crooks are setting up bogus hot spots in public meeting places.

"An individual comes in with a smart phone and they want to pay a bill and they are punching in their banking information," said Sancenito. "That information is being captured by the person who set up the hot spot."

John says identities are sold daily on the black market, and the process is almost impossible to stop since a lot the scams are taking place overseas.

Sancenito says it's important for everyone to monitor their credit report at least once a year.  He says it's easier to prove your identification was stolen early-on, but it could still take several months or even years to get the situation resolved.

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