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Changes coming to Susquehanna Township school board

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Carol Karl has never run for public office before, yet picked up the highest number of votes in a hotly contested school board election in Susquehanna Township.

The mother of two says over the last three years, the district has been headed down the wrong path and she wants to help turn it around.

"I don't know if excited is the right word," she said. "I do feel this heavy responsibility."

She says the school board is shattered at the moment. A six-person majority voted to renew the superintendent's contract last school year, despite a passionate three-member dissent. That same majority also tried to renew contracts for two assistant superintendents two years in advance.

"I think that parents at that point, that's when we said -- we're just going to have to go public because we can't just sit by and allow this to happen," she said.

Something that can't be changed are clauses in superintendent Dr. Susan Kegerise's contract that dictate how she is to be treated by the board. Her attorney has even sent letters to individual board members, demanding public retractions and apologies, or risk "legal action."

Karl says that's part of the reason communication is so broken.

"I think the position of authority have flipped, so that the board is no longer supervising the administration --- the administration is telling the board what they can do," she said. "That's unacceptable. That's not how a school district works."

But with the election of three new members, the old majority will be gone. Karl says that will pave the way for true progress during her term.

"We need to get some of these board procedures resolved so that we're operating effectively and then we can turn our attention to what's really important, which is the educational component," she said.

Newly elected board members Clifton Edwards, Helen Spence and Jesse Rawls Sr. were not available for comment Wednesday.
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