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Is PETA ad too graphic?

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PETA plans on posting a new pro-vegan Thanksgiving ad on bus shelters in Harrisburg.

"Thanksgiving should really be a time for compassion and reflection and it just doesn't make sense to celebrate a holiday like that with the rotting corpse of some bird who suffered in life and in death and as a center piece," PETA spokeswoman Lindsay Rajt said.

PETA claims 45 million turkeys are killed each year during Thanksgiving and they are genetically bred to grow as fast as possible.

"The turkeys are living their entire lives in massive filthy sheds where they are mutilated without pain killers," Rajt said. "They never get to feel the sunlight on their back, grass beneath their feet, before they are on a truck to the slaughterhouse where a lot of times they are scalded alive in vats of hot water."

Using lenticular technology, the ad will look different depending on how one looks at it. Those who are 4'3" and taller will see a traditional Thanksgiving scene with a mother carving the turkey with two kids waiting by the table. The ad reads "Time to try vegan. Get recipes at PETA.org."

Those 4'3" will see a much different image. The mother is stabbing a bloody turkey. The blood is splattered on the faces of the children who appear to be screaming. The bottom of the ad reads "Say no to Turkey. Try vegan at PETAKids.org."

"The ad is provocative and our cartoon,  our animated ad,  really is no more graphic than what is marketed to kids in cartoon series already," Rajt said. "The difference is our ad has a message of compassion and it teaches kids they do not have to be a part of this cruelty. They can say no to the turkey and they can give birds a break by not eating them."


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