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Henry County Family Devastated After Dog Was Shot


Henry Co., VA -- A Henry County family is devastated after someone shot their dog on Saturday. Risa was wounded so badly, she had to be put down.

The Ingalls family says they were inside, watching a movie that day. Later, they saw their dog, Risa, under the porch, clearly injured and weak.

Carrie Ingalls says her son saw the gunshot wound. Immediately, they took the dog to the closest emergency vet's office in Greensboro, North Carolina. But the vet said there was nothing they could do for her. And they had to put Risa down.

The Henry County Sheriff's Office says they are investigating. Right now, they suspect it could be a hunting accident. But the Ingalls think it was intentional and wonder who could have done this to their pet.

"Anytime you lose a close animal to you, it's just like losing a good friend. It's devastating for the family. We are doing everything we can to investigate it thoroughly and find out what happened," said Lt. John Cassell, Henry County Sheriff's Office.

The family is raising money online as a reward for the arrest of whoever shot Risa. The family lives in the Horse Pasture area of the County. If you want to help, click here.


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