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Some will choose early deals over Thanksgiving dinner

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While some people are just pulling that turkey out of the oven, others will be starting the retail race.

Several major retailers have announced that they will be opening their doors on the eve of Black Friday, otherwise known as Thanksgiving.

For those who want to dish out the deals rather than the stuffing, Walmart will be opening up at 6 p.m., Target at 8 p.m.

"We always had dinner before so that we could do the black Friday stuff," said Samantha Perry, who is eager to start holiday shopping.

Charles Kinsler, a local gift shop owner, is not as thrilled. He says mega-sales hosted by mega-stores pack a mega-punch that neither he nor a home-cooked meal can compete with.

"There's nothing about holidays anymore. It's all about money," he said.

Best Buy and Macy's will also open Thanksgiving evening. Kmart and Old Navy plan to take the cake, opening their doors at 6 a.m. on Thursday.


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