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"Not My Time:" The story of a York Holocaust survivor

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While it is true that the Holocaust was a tragic event that happened far away, there are survivors who later called the Midstate home. One of those survivors is York's Nessy Wolpert Marks.

Local author Judy Wolfman tells Marks' story in a recently published work, "Not My Time." According to Wolfman, who spent more than 30 hours recording Marks' accounts, Marks survived horrible teenage years.

"As a teenager, when the Nazis and Germans were taking over, she and her family were herded into the Kovno Ghetto," Wolfman explained on abc27's Good Day PA program. "She lived her formative teen years in that circumstance."

Marks lived in York in 1990's and attended the same temple as Wolfman which is how the two women became connected. Wolfman took Marks' story to heart.

"She used to go out and do all kinds of talks about her experiences. And once I heard her, the light bulb went on. I thought, 'That would make a fantastic book,'" Wolfman said.

Beyond the interviews, Wolfman also visited the Holocaust museums in Israel and Washington D.C. as part of her research. "Not My Time" is part fiction and part biography and was published by Black Rose Writing in August 2013

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