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Verizon compromises; locals still against CV cell tower

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Some called it a bad connection.

Back in August, the Cumberland Valley School Board approved a land lease agreement with Verizon Wireless to construct a cell phone tower on district grounds. The site is next to the turf field behind Eagle View Middle School.

Since then, resistance to the project has built up. Those in nearby developments are concerned that the mere site of the tower would impact property values. Some even raised concerns over health issues.

One resident told abc27 he estimates a five percent reduction in his home's value, to the tune of $50,000.

In the existing agreement, among other details, the cell tower is to be 150 feet.

During Monday night's school board meeting, an attorney representing Verizon announced some changes that included shortening the tower to 80 feet and camouflaging the structure to make it look like part of the tree line.

The attorney argued the tower would be the same height as existing light poles.

Still, the changes were not enough to satisfy neighbors.

"I don't want it, there is not a compromise. We are not going to give in,"  resident Todd Harvey said.

Verizon would pay the district $24,000 a year.

Officials say property values would not be negatively impacted by the cell tower. A spokesperson cited the district's involvement with assessment hearings as well as consultations with real estate and tax assessors.

The agreement does not guarantee the construction of the tower. The changes presented Monday night will go back to the board for approval. If passed, Verizon will have to decide if it wants to move forward and will have to work with the township.


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