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Man released from booking center before parole check

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Wednesday night, Dauphin County officials admitted a man was released from the county judicial center who should have spent a night or two in jail. Later, authorities discovered he is wanted for a parole violation.

Earlier in the day, 38-year-old Joseph Heim, Jr. from Highspire was arrested after allegedly presenting a false identification to Swatara Township Police, county officials said.

Heim was arraigned, made bail and was released. After all that, authorities discovered Heim was wanted by the state parole and probation department.

"One of the things we can do is when you know somebody is on parole make the call over to parole. We already do that for county parole. Apparently that's not done for state parole and it should," Dauphin County Assistant District Attorney Fran Chardo said.

Authorities are still searching for Heim. Chardo described him as a career thief. Court documents show that Heim was also charged with drug-related offenses as well as recklessly endangering another person back in 2002.

"I know mistakes happen, but to me that shouldn't have happened," Christine Leisey from Linglestown said.

Officials say corrective action has already been taken.

"There are some lessons we can learn from this particular incident to improve the system and it's fortunate it's a petty criminal that walked away and not a violent one," Chardo said.

Chardo could not recall if something like this has happened before.

In July, police said a man escaped from the Dauphin County Judicial Center after he took the I.D. of a sleeping cellmate who was scheduled to be released. He turned himself in a week later.

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