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Lancaster Co. residents give $3.2M to nonprofits

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It is the season of giving, and Lancaster County residents have gone above and beyond this year.

In a one-day online giving marathon called the Extraordinary Give, people raised $3.2 million for 260 Lancaster County nonprofits.

One of the organizations that benefited from the Extraordinary Give is Water Street Ministries. Officials said Lancaster County residents gave nearly three times more this year than they did last year.

For some perspective for how generous Midstaters are, Miami held a similar event. Lancaster County residents donated as much money as those in Miami.

"I think they named it well. The extraordinary give," said Chasz Parker, President of Water Street Ministries. "What an incredibly generous community who is committed to the well-being of people in need and other causes that make a real difference."

At Water Street Ministries, the giving event brought in more than $100,000. Officials said it could not have happened at a better time. The organization shelters and feeds hundreds of people every week. For Thanksgiving alone, they will feed more than 1,000 people. The numbers keep on rising.

"We've seen our meal count go up, the number of people coming to eat with us. And then when we start to have the cold snaps, that's when people are really pressured into where can I stay? Where can I keep warm," Parker said.

Their slogan is "Changing one life at a time." But with the money Lancaster County residents donated during the Extraordinary Give, Water Street Ministries will be able to change many lives.

"We are grateful for all of the donations that come in to make it possible because by people giving money or food, they are part of that meal. They are making a difference for someone," said Parker.

Since there are more people in need, Water Street Ministries is in need of more donations. To donate, visit https://wsm.org/donate.

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