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Danville Vet Warns Pet Owners Of Holiday Dangers


Danville, VA - Before you feed scraps of Thanksgiving food to your pets, be careful. Local veterinarians are warning pet owners that some food can be really dangerous for your dog or cat.

Each year many vets see sick animals after the holidays for something preventable. Some food high in fat can make your dogs really sick. Plus, things like onions, raisins, and chocolate are poisonous to your pup. So, vets suggest not giving your pets ANY scraps this Thanksgiving. Instead, go to a pet store and get a holiday treat that is good for them.

"Over the holidays, everybody is celebrating and they want to give something to their pets but really it is better to refrain. It is better to let them eat their dog food or their cat food because it can lead to severe illness," said Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Smith.

If they your pet does get a hold of something, always check with your vet to make sure you don't need to bring them in.


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