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How to Save Your Car From the Winter Cold


Lynchburg, VA- Since the temperatures outside have dropped, have you noticed anything different with your vehicle? It may be time to winterize your car.

When the thermometer gets below a certain point, your car starts feeling the cold too. You could have low air pressure in your tires, frozen antifreeze, or a sluggish battery. Mechanics say to pay special attention to your battery, because the cold takes a bigger toll on it.

"Make sure that the cold cranking amps are up to what they should be, because that's what will happen. As the temperature drops, if your battery is not strong enough, then it will pretty much kill it," said Tracey Pritchett, the service manager for Apple Ford.

Pritchett says there is no special kind of antifreeze or oil you need to use during the winter months.

She says to just check those things, along with your tires and battery a couple times throughout the season, and your car should brave the cold just fine.

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