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Horse shot, killed while pulling Amish buggy

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Police say a horse pulling an Amish buggy in Ronks, Lancaster County was shot by someone in a passing vehicle. It later died.

According to officials, an Amish buggy carrying five passengers was traveling north on the 100 block of North Ronks Road at around 9 p.m.

An unidentified car passed the buggy, and authorities said people then heard a loud noise described as sounding like a firecracker. The car did not stop.

When the buggy arrived home at a farm approximately one mile away, it was discovered that the horse was bleeding from the mouth.

A veterinarian was called, but the horse died before the vet was able to arrive.

A bullet hole was discovered on the left-hand side of the horse's chest area.

Five people were in the buggy at the time; 2 adults and three children ages 7, 9, and 12, police said. Those living in the area were stunned Monday night.

"It makes you have like this lump in your gut. It just makes my blood boil and makes me want to go after the person myself," Neighbor Nancy Wiggins said.

None of the buggy passengers were injured.

Anyone with information may contact East Lampeter Township Police at 717-291-4676.

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