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More People Looking For Free Thanksgiving Meal In Danville


Danville, VA - More and more people are depending on local organizations to provide free food this Thanksgiving.

God's Storehouse and the Salvation Army in Danville are seeing an increase in people coming in.

The surge can be a challenge, but with an increase in volunteers and generous donations, both places are confident they will be able to meet the need. In fact, the Salvation Army says they will not turn anyone away looking for a Thanksgiving meal Thursday.

On the day before Thanksgiving, kitchens start to heat up, but when you have more than 350 people coming over, it takes a lot to prepare.

"We're glad that we get to get together with the families of the community and together celebrate,"said Cpt. Karl Dahlin of the Salvation Army.

This year, the Danville Salvation Army may even break a record in the number served.

"I think we're seeing the long-term effects of what's going on with our economy," said Dahlin.

Dahlin says last Thanksgiving they gave out around 250 free meals, and the numbers are only going up. The Salvation Army isn't the only one seeing an increase. Across town, God's Storehouse doubles up on volunteers this time of year.

"This month has been particularly busy," said Karen Harris, Executive Director of God's Storehouse.

Normally the organization gives out fewer than 200 boxes of food a day. This week, however, the numbers shot up. On Tuesday alone they gave out more than 300 boxes.

"We are definitely something that the community needs and they rely on us to help provide for them," said Harris.

Folks like Kurran Williamson came out to pick up some much needed food.

"Everyone wants to have a good Thanksgiving, every body doesn't have the means. Come to a place like this and they'll help you," said Williamson.

Both God's Storehouse and the Salvation Army say they depend on the community for donations to keep up with demand.

"Once they've heard that the need is there, I think they will rally and we need them this year," said Dahlin.

There are ways you can help both God's Storehouse and the Salvation Army.

To help God's Storehouse go to http://godsstorehouse.org/
To help the Danville Salvation Army go to http://virginiasalvationarmy.org/danvilleva/ 
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