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Lynchburg Shoppers Wait Hours For Brown Thursday Deals


Lynchburg, VA - All the turkey and trimmings weren't enough to put some people in a post-feast food coma. Instead, they used all that food as fuel, waiting in long lines, for hours.

Brown Thursday, preceding Black Friday now, is the latest push to have people pack stores for crazy holiday sales.

Shoppers in Lynchburg took the bait today, choosing to give thanks in line out in the frigid cold, rather than around the table with food and family.

"We're looking for computers and televisions" said one shopper.

"It's a touch screen for $249" said another.

"A 39" TV, at $169" said another shopper.

But for these steals, you've got to deal with a whole lot, "Initially, it was very cold, we were so thankful when the sun broke over the building" said one shopper.

"18 degrees, we've got a propane heater in here, we've got an air mattress, zero degree bags" said Danny Carter.

Some of these guys, like Carter, first in line outside Lynchburg's Best Buy, have been doing this, a while.

He came prepared, "It served us well overnight, it was cold, it was 18 degrees, we first set up later yesterday afternoon, it was still spitting some snow, so it kept the snow off of us."

A propane heater, blankets, sub-zero degree sleeping bags are all a part of his arsenal, to keep him and his two kids warm.

We had to ask the obvious question though; why?

"It's not all about the door buster deals we get time with family, and good fellowship, we meet a lot of nice people, we have fun out here" he said.

"We did it in 2010, '11, '12 and now '13" said Dominick Fulginiti.

Fulginiti is on year 12 of spending Thanksgiving in line for a big bargain.

"I'm with my wife, I'm at home right now" he said.

So while it's either for a TV or a tablet, these folks don't mind spending Thanksgiving in line; they're thankful for those waiting with them.

"I was out here with my daughter and son in law this morning" said one man.

"It's more than just waiting in line for a good price, it's kind of an event, and it's still time spent with family" said Carter.

For the first time this year, Best Buy provided a porta-potty for their dedicated customers waiting in that long line.

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