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Some forgo shopping for holiday spirit, seasonal suds

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Many avoided the Black Friday frenzy by getting into the true spirit of the holidays while other tasted spirits.

Screaming, pushing, and shoving of cranky people trying to squeeze through retail store doors, an all too familiar scene on Black Friday that shows America's dark side. However, in Harrisburg volunteers spent the day in Shipoke giving back.

One World Medicine Clinic setup a clothing drive at Front St. and Vine St. to assist typhoon victims in the Philippines. Stefania Alava brought several bags of clothing to donate.

"It'll brighten their holiday up really good," she said. "It's a great cause."

With the help of Pinnacle Health, One World raised $13,000 that will also head overseas this weekend. Even though Black Friday is a money-driven retail holiday, Alava said people should take a step back and realize what this time of year is really about.

"There are situations where we need to come together as a community and gather our stuff. And, everything is for a good cause," said Alava. "It's the holiday spirit of giving."

Not far away on Cameron St., others found a safe haven in the Appalachian Brewing Company. The brewery held a special promotion with Black Friday-themed food such as blackened chicken macaroni-and-cheese and the 'black-n-bleu' burger.

Guys like Bill Bauer felt it was better to sleep overnight instead of being in long lines.

"I can't imagine being out at midnight last night," he said. "I'm sure there were thousands of people to do that. That's not for me."

ABC also brewed a special craft beer aptly named the Black Friday IPA. Mike Parker came up with the idea and though discounts should come in the form of beer instead of bags.

"[Guys like me] I don't know if we're necessarily looking for a bargain we can carry around in a bag, but something we can poor into a pint that would really hit the spot," said Parker.

The $2.50 pint Friday will be around for a few more weeks at $5.50. Even though that may be a bargain on the biggest shopping day of the year, national economists argue the better deals come later in the season. While retailers stock up on in-store inventory, economists explain many stores are left with overstocked shelves that prompt better deals closer to Christmas.

So, while Bauer tried to skip out on the madness for sanity sake, he may wind up saving more money by enjoying a beer on Black Friday.

"I had enough this morning after about an hour. I had enough," he said. "So, let's go have one."


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