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Two resign from West York Borough Council

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West York Council meetings are often described as chaotic and disorganize where more arguments are made than decision.

Monday night was no different. Two members announced their resignation just five minutes in, stopping the meeting in its tracks. Council member Nancy Laird and Council President Steven Herman both left the meeting almost immediately after their resignation was announced.

"I was flabbergasted I just didn't understand why they walked out like they did," said council member Brian Wilson.

Wilson says Monday's meeting was a total loss.

"They just ended up walking out; that's not proper," said Wilson.

After Novembers election, Council President Herman knew the end was near.

"The future of west York will definitely be a tough one. West York was headed in a direction he did not want to be apart of," said Herman.

He added, "The vote would be 5-2, and Ms. Laird and I would be in the minority, so from my point of view we figured it was time to step aside," said Herman. "We were the side that was looking at the balanced budget, they were the side looking at the spending."

West York resident Walt Anderson attends every council meeting.

"I was a little surprised, I didn't go there expecting that," said Anderson.

Unlike the current council members, Anderson isn't confident this change will make the borough better.

"The people that walked out are the ones that knew how to take care of the budget," said Anderson. "The other people I think they are going to raise our taxes and things just aren't going to be like they were."

"I think we are a good team and we are going to do what the residents want," said Wilson.

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