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Tiny hint in picture ends photographer's search for Pa family

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Jamie Allport is a professional photographer that lives in British Columbia, Canada. 

While shooting a wedding in Jamaica in April 2012, Jamie found a memory card for a camera. She kept it and went to social media to try and find the young family. 

Wednesday Jamie spoke to abc27 about the search. "Photos mean so much to me, I can't even explain it," Allport said via Skype. "I picture these people losing this little boy's first year, and it really breaks my heart. It touches me deeply. I need to get these pictures back to them."

After nearly 20 months of searching for the family, Jamie has found them. 

Wednesday night Jamie went through the photos again. Looking for any identifying characteristic that could lead her to them and she found one, a business card.

Jamie zoomed in on the card and called the business which turned out to be a hair salon.

The salon put Jamie in contact with the Kealey family, who isn't from the Midstate but is from Pennsylvania. 

Abc27 talked to Kelly Kealey today, the young mom in the photos. She's excited to have the pictures back and says the photo with the business card was taken the day of her son's first haircut. 

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