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D.E.P nominee gets heat for climate change comment

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The man that Governor Corbett has nominated to head the Department of Environmental Protection is getting some heat for his stance on climate chance.

At Wednesday's confirmation hearing Senator Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery/Delaware) urged Christopher Abruzzo to clarify his position.
In response, Abruzzo acknowledged climate change as valid but voiced skepticism in it doing any immediate harm.  

In a Skype interview with abc27 today, Senator Leach said he was shocked and saddened.

"It was not the answer anyone was expecting from someone who is supposed to be the protector of our environment," said Leach.  

Abc27 also sat down with the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association. Their executive director said there is a consequence of too-strict regulation.

"You are essentially forcing American industry to other parts of the world like India, Brazil, China, and Russia where the restrictions are much less or perhaps non-existent," said David N. Taylor.

Leach was the only member of the Environmental Resources and Energy Committee to vote against the nomination during the hearing.

A final vote will come next week.

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