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"Band of Cooks" Lynchburg Army Reserve Members Keep 30 Year Tradition


Lynchburg, VA - Between them, there's more than two hundred years of service in the Army Reserve; this group of men are some of Lynchburg's finest, each served a minimum of 20 years as cooks in the Army Reserve.

You're familiar with the Band of Brothers, this group coins themselves as "The Band of Cooks." They've come together once a year for the last 30, right around the holidays to re-live their time in service together.

"We worked together in the Army and we wanted to involve our wives and families, and we just have always met here" said Brad Phillips, a member of the Band of Cooks.

Eight men in total; one brother in this band of cooks passed away in 2006. The group is so tight though, his wife, for the past seven years, has joined her late husband's friends, in their annual celebration.

"It's really nice, and a good feeling to be with them, and we go back and reminisce and just have a good evening" said Mary Shively, wife of the late Larry Shively.

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