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Michael - 12/4/13

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This week's Val's Kid is Michael. Michael recently enjoyed a fun day at Chuck E. Cheese in Susquehanna Township, Dauphin County.

"He has a very sweet smile. If you can capture that, you can see how his smile is really great," said Case Worker Karen Knodel.

The tween likes fast machines. "He loves to watch trucks and motorcycles. One of his favorite things to do is stare out of the window and watch the traffic go by," said Knodel.

Michael also enjoys singing and dancing. He's hoping to move into the hearts and home of a forever family. It's been tough for him.

"He was actually in foster care when he was young, and was adopted, and his adoptive parent passed away and he recently came back into the system," said Knodel.

Michael lives with autism. "Visual stimulation is key for him; also tactile stimulation. He's not going to have a reciprocal relationship like another child would but that doesn't mean he does not need a forever family," said Knodel.

Michael loves computer time at school and is learning math, reading and basic life skills. "He's really good with memory and the first time you meet him he will pretty much remember your name from then on out. We are open to any type of family. We need a family that has a strong support system that can help support the family when they need a break. We are also for a family who is open to learning about his special needs and being able to grown and learn as they grown with him and parent him and finally we are looking for a family that is willing to keep in touch with his older brother and grandmother" said Knodel.

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