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Tracy - 11/27/13

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A Pennsylvania child is looking for a family to call her own. Meet Tracy. The 12 year old likes music from Christian country to pop.

Tracy is a fan of volleyball, basketball, and football. In fact, she loves both of Pennsylvania's pro teams, The Eagles and Steelers.

Steven King is her favorite author.

The tween does well in school. Math is her favorite subject.

When it comes to a permanent family, the Statewide Adoption and Permanency network is looking for older siblings. Tracy, who also likes to sew, and act in plays. "Like that I can do art, creative things," said Tracy.

"She's very energetic. She has a lot of charisma she's very shy but opens up. She is a perfect mix of a tom girl but girly," said Adoption Worker Adrienne Gardina.

Tracy would like have continued contact with her grandmother.

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