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Boy, 10, suspended over imaginary arrow

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South Eastern School District has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to weapons or portraying weapons of any kind. A 10-year-old student used his hands back in October to shoot an imaginary arrow at a classmate.

The fifth grader was suspended, but some feel it was an unfair punishment.

"He didn't have a weapon, he was playing. Unfortunately, that's what kids his age do," said Mary-Ellen Beck of Seven Valleys.

"This case has gone viral, everyone is covering this case across the United States," said John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute. The Virginia-based civil liberties organization has asked the district to rescind the 10-year-old's suspension.

"It winds up on their record as a weapons offense and we have had cases where these weapons violations on their records, they can't even get into the college they want, it follows them the rest of their life," Whitehead said.

Many believe kids will be kids, but others say students should not make violent gestures.

"They shouldn't pretend because as they get older and nobody says anything to them and they get hold of the real device it's going to be nuts," said Kathleen Williams.

"If we start doing this, they are going to be afraid to think, afraid to act and no kid should be afraid in school of something like this," Whitehead said.

The Rutherford Institute is giving the school district until Friday to rescind the suspension. If they do not, Whitehead said legal action will be taken.

The family involved would not comment before Friday, and the South Eastern School District was unable to comment due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

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