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MoviE-Town Cinemas sold at auction, will stay open

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It is too big to fit on any auction block, so the auction came to it; the MoviE-Town Cinemas in Elizabethtown, that is.

The theater went up for sale over the summer. It was going for more than $2 million. Wednesday, the theater sold at auction for $1,325,000.

The new owners said they plan to keep the theater open for business.

MoviE-Town Cinemas has been a fixture in Elizabethtown since 2000. The movie theatre went into foreclosure in September, but never closed. Instead, a company called the Town's Theaters managed MoviE-Town. The company also owns CocoaPlex Cinemas in Hershey.

"Since it was going to be up for auction, we came in, managed it, took a look around to see what it might need and thought it might be a good sister theatre to our existing theatre," said Heather Sweeney, operations manager for The Town's Theaters.

Owners of The Town's Theaters liked MoviE-Town Cinemas so much, they bought it at auction. Many people are giving the sale two thumbs up.

"I heard patrons talking over the past two months, 'I hope it stays a movie theatre, hope it stays a movie theatre.' So we're glad we could bring that opportunity to the community of Elizabethtown," Sweeney said.

Sweeney said the community will see renovations and additions to MoviE-Town Cinemas and a switch to digital from film. That means a lot of green to keep the newest movies on the silver screen.

"It's a very big expense," Sweeney said. "Sometimes we can do a conversion a little bit at a time. So it helps cut costs yet you're still running your screens so you might just have some 35 and some digital until it's all done."

There will be no intermission at MoviE-Town Cinemas. The movie theater will stay open for business as usual.

Sweeney said prices will go up slightly over time to compensate for the digital conversion.


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