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Your Heath: December11, 2013 Mild blows to the head

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Birmingham, AL -

     New disturbing information for athletes of all ages.
     Research now shows even mild blows to the head might affect memory and thinking.
     The study involved football and ice hockey players who were not diagnosed with a concussion.
     Researchers used special helmets to record key data whenever the players received milder blows to the head.
     Also, the helmets allowed them to count and quantify the intensity and frequency of impacts.
    Researchers found a greater change in the brain's white matter in those athletes who performed worse than expected on tests of memory and learning. White matter transports messages between different parts of the brain.
    Doctors say further research is needed to learn more about how long these changes last and whether the changes are permanent.
   The findings appear in the online journal, Neurology.

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