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Police: 2 tried to cash in $500 in stolen change

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Samuel Steger Samuel Steger

Two Boiling Springs men were charged with thefts from vehicles after they tried to cash in some of the stolen property: more than $500 worth of coins.

Police were investigating a minor car theft on Pomfret Street on Saturday when they came across registration papers from another car parked down the street.

They knocked on Doug Black's door to see if he had been hit, too.

"We checked, and sure enough there was stuff missing from the car," said Black.

By "stuff," he means about 2,000 quarters. So we had to ask: "Doug? Why so many quarters?"

"I work for the sentinel newspaper one of the things I do is go around the various newspaper racks and collect the money out," he said. "That money was going to be deposited Saturday morning."

Now here he was on Saturday morning...sans coins. His mind was racing. "My god, the quarters are missing, now what?!" Instead of panicking, Black got to thinking.

"The first thing that came to my mind was, 'Okay, I just woke up. What time of day is it?'" he asked himself.

It was 7:30 a.m., and he knew the banks had not yet opened.

"With that amount of quarters, the only way they can cash them out is to go over to the Giant because they have a coin counting machine," said Black.

Police contacted the Giant Food Store on Spring Garden Street and told them to look out for anyone trying to cash out.

Within minutes black got a call from an officer. "He's like, 'Well actually we are at Giant right now, and we think we have them," said Black.

Carlisle police said 19-year-old Samuel Steger and 24-year-old Barry Albright, both of Boiling Springs, were questioned and arrested on site.

Every single coin was returned.

The suspects face theft charges plus loitering and prowling at night.

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