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Zkano socks will fill some Christmas stockings

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As recently as the early 1990s, Fort Payne, Alabama was the "official sock capital of the world." Three hundred sock manufacturers were located in this town of 15,000. One out of eight socks made worldwide, was a product of Fort Payne. Then, socks got outsourced to Asia and fewer than ten sock mills still operate in Fort Payne.

One of those knitting mills is a family-owned business that makes Zkano organic socks. For those looking to give a Christmas gift made in Alabama, this could be a perfect stocking stuffer!

The founder of Zkano is Gina Locklear. She refused to see the business her parents started in Fort Payne just fade away. Locklear decided there could be a market for 100% certified organic cotton socks. The name Zkano comes from a Native American word meaning "state of being good."

Locklear designs the knitted socks. The colored yarns are produced in North Carolina. The socks, however, are made from start to finish inside Locklear's knitting mill. "We do it all ourselves, she said. "Everything is done here in house. We manufacture it, we seam it, fulfill orders from here. Our products are packaged here for retail. Everything is done in house."

Locklear likes it that way. Her office is just a few steps from the manufacturing. She says she is able to constantly monitor quality levels.

The socks are sold at Whole Foods and can be ordered online at www.zkano.com.




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