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Lizzie - 12/11/13

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This is a sweet day for Lizzie, who spent time with a caterer. She enjoys baking.

Her favorite part of this visit? "Making the chocolate cake," said Lizzie. In fact, she hopes to make a lot of dough one day by baking up her bread and butter.

"Going into culinary arts. That's my passion that's what I grew up with as a kid. That's what I wanted to do so I'm going to go with my childhood dreams," said Lizzie.

Another dream of Lizzie's made us here at abc27 smile. "Go to Disney World!" said Lizzie.

Lizzie has spent years in foster care. She is grateful for those who have taken care of her along the way. Yet, she still needs a and wants a forever family.

"All my foster families have been really good to me. I just want a place I can call home. Wake up everyday this is my mom this is my dad and not worry if you are going to get moved he next day," said Lizzie.

When asked if she wanted one parent or two: "It doesn't matter to me as long as I get a family that all that matters the most" said Lizzie. A family that will and appreciate Lizzie's great qualities "I'm nice. I'm kind hearted, I'll do anything my power for anybody" said Lizzie.

Lizzie needs parents who will do the same for her. Lizzie does well in school. Her favorite subject is reading and she loves chapter books. We want to thank our Statewide Adoption Network Partner KDKA for helping us to share Lizzie's story.

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