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Smart Woman: Holiday Travel


Lynchburg, VA - The holiday travel forecast is out. AAA projects 94.5 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home this Christmas.

That's 0.6% up from last year. Some 91% of people who are traveling will drive.

AAA expects to rescue 3.76 million drivers this holiday season.

As for flying, AAA predicts that fewer people will take to the air to travel for the holidays this year.

Part of the reason could be all the fees air travelers face.

About 40% of Americans flew during the holiday season last year, and nearly a third of those packed less in order to avoid fees.

ABC 13's Smart Woman shows you there are other ways to avoid paying over-the-odds when you travel.

Traveling around the Holidays can get crazy and expensive.

Here are four ways to get the cheapest airfare you can:

First, be flexible. Don't be set on a specific date or airport. Searching nearby airports for flights a day before or after your first choice could save you a lot.

Next, book in pairs. By doing so, you could avoid the fees airlines charge for large groups to sit together.

Third, try to buy seven weeks in advance. An analysis by the website cheapair.com found the cheapest found the cheapest ticket price was around 49 days before departure.

Fourth, book directly with the airline. Airlines have to pay a commission on each flight they sell through a discount site, so they will often offer promo codes on their Twitter or Facebook pages for flights bought on their site.

Many will also give you a refund if the price of your flight goes down after you book it, if you call them.

Saving a few bucks the next time you book a getaway.

Another tip for cheap flights is to mix and match between different airlines.

Some websites will let you choose a cheaper return flight on a different airline.

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