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Danville Statistic Expert Breaks Down Chances of Mega Millions


Danville, VA - Across the country, people are already deciding how they want to spend Tuesday night's Mega Millions jackpot.

At last check, the jackpot was up to $636 million.

Before you spend it, however, you have to win it, and that means having the right numbers.

You can strategize, you can formulate, but experts say wracking your brain for the lucky numbers may not do much more than give you a headache.

"I'm going to do all birthdays, my son's, my parents," said Gaynell Davis.

"Dreams, dream book, family members that I talked to they gave me some numbers," said James King.

"It actually statistically makes no difference which numbers they select or the sequence of those numbers," said Wayne Martin, a Former Statistics Professor.

Martin says the chances are the same if you play a meaningful set of numbers or completely random ones.

"It just makes people feel better. People like to have their lucky numbers or whatever they just feel more confident with winning with those numbers," said Martin.

The "L" in Lotto stands more for more "luck" than "logic".

In fact, Martin says if you play the same numbers every time, you still have the same chances of winning. Or if any particular number comes up frequently, it doesn't mean it will this time.

"That doesn't mean that it is any greater chance of probability of it occurring in the future," said Martin.

And while the chances of winning are small, 1 in 259 million, it doesn't stop people from coming out to test their luck.

"I just feel like they are lucky to me," said Sylvia Frazier.

The drawing is Tuesday night.

Guaranteed to be lucky, the stores selling the tickets. The store we went to says their lotto sales are up 50% because of the high jackpot.

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