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Palmyra residents ask borough for help with latest sinkhole

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Several residents went before Palmyra Borough Council at a meeting Tuesday night to express their concerns about the latest, and maybe the biggest sinkhole, to hit the borough.

Some houses at the affected area on East Cherry Street have been condemned. Those nearby are wondering if they are next.

"Every time a cricket burps in this town I flip because I think my house is next," said one resident.

There are those who say the borough could be doing more.

"There are rivers going under the area. I understand that," said Cherry Street resident Erik Soto. "But let's not just sit there and let it happen and continue happening."

One resident asked if she could at least get her property re-assessed to reflect its value post-sinkhole.

"Because I don't want to pay taxes, $6,600 a year on land, worthless property...that's worth nothing," she said.

Borough Manager Roger Powl said that an excavator is coming out in the morning along with an engineer and a geologist.

"They will start excavating and hopefully begin trying to build that up as fast as we can," Powl said.

And he responded to complaints that the borough is dragging its feet in helping residents with their properties.

"The area in the public right-of-way that was affected we had fixed in less than two weeks. We did what we could with what we had. Private property we can't do anything about," Powl said.

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