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Past lottery winner shares Mega Millions secrets

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When Ken Atticks walks into the Super 7 on Linglestown Road in Susquehanna Township, everyone seems to know him.

"He's a good guy," store owner Jamal Choudry said.

Atticks is the reason Super 7 is considered one of the luckiest lottery retailers in the Midstate. In 2011, he won $250,000 after buying a ticket that matched all five Mega Millions numbers, but not the Mega Ball.

Then in 2012, a Susquehanna Township woman won more than $300,000 in a Cash 5 prize from a ticket purchased at Super 7.

Atticks -- a regular lottery player at the store -- said Tuesday night he was still feeling lucky. He purchased eleven quick-pick Mega Millions tickets in the hopes of cashing in on the $636 million jackpot, which is the second largest in history.

"That's what keeps bringing me back," he said. "It's that one good golf shot in the 18th hole, and it's like 'you gotta go back golfing again'."

Atticks said he always utilizes the quick-pick, and doesn't bother with the multiplier. If the cashier accidentally draws an extra ticket, he sees that as a sign and springs for it as well. He said he's "always feeling lucky."

The winning numbers drawn Tuesday at 11 p.m. were 8, 14, 17, 20, 39; Mega Ball: 7. Preliminary reports indicated at least one winner out of San Jose, California.

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