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Palmyra residents wait for sinkhole solution

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Crews were in Palmyra Wednesday to fill a very large sinkhole. It is the fourth one to open up this fall on the same street.

"Nervous neighbors, nervous homeowners aching for a response in a more timely manner," said Kenn Medina.

The sinkhole is creeping closer and closer to his home.

"Fixing a problem is OK. Understanding what the cause of the problem is and addressing it before it turns into a huge problem, I think, is more important," Medina said.

William Kochanov is a senior geologist with the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. He said the problem is something he calls "nature's plumbing system."

"Most of the time the pipes are clogged with soil. So, just like any clogged pipe, you need some sort of declogging agent. And water's typically that agent that flushes these pipes open and creates a hole," Kochanov said.

Water keeps widening the most recent sinkhole, which has nearly doubled in size in two days. Workers said the hole is at least 15 feet deep and 80 feet wide. It is the fourth sinkhole to open on the block in less than three months.

"Go and we fix one, that may leave other pipes that are still draining to that common drain," said Kochanov. "It's fairly common to have clusters of sinks. Fix one, well, one opens up right next to it."

Another reason Palmyra is plagued with sinkholes is storm water drainage issues. There is nowhere for excess water to go. It is an issue borough officials want to fix, but it involves both time and money.

The wait is eroding at neighbors.

"I hope and pray it goes away soon," Medina said.

Borough officials said they are having some underground testing done. Once test results come back, they can start planning for a long-term solution.


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