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First Phase of Danville River District Officially Complete


Danville, VA -- After more than a year of working on phase one downtown, the construction is now over. And a lot of businesses are happy to see their streets clear of this mess.

Drivers on Main Street have become no stranger to detours and barricades. But Friday, construction wasn't to blame for blocked roads. City leaders took to the streets to celebrate. This marks the completion of most of Main Street's construction.

"The streetscape, the sidewalks, the curbs, gutters, all the street furnishings are the first stage," said Joe King, City Manager.

The project took a lot of hard work and a big chuck of change. King says phase one cost $2.8 million, half of which the city paid, the other coming from the State Department of Transportation.

"I think it will be more enjoyable for us who live here but it will also help attract new business and investment to Danville," said King.

 Over the years, the city invested $25 million into the River District. Private investments made up an additional $80 million.

"We knew that we had to invest in our downtown and the investments are still being made," said Sherman Saunders, Mayor.

"Having more places to buy more things, more specialty services, that all creates a more vibrant community," said Karl Stauber, President of Danville Regional Foundation.

 King says they're well on their way. He expects to see a bustling River District in 3 to 5 years.

"We have about a half dozen prospects that we are marketing downtown businesses, restaurants, more housing, so we're very active," said King.

Now they are on to phase 2 of the River District. That includes completing the area around the fountain at the end of Main Street. After that, they expect to focus on Craghead Street.
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